The Effective RTE: 10 key skills for every Release Train Engineer

Carl Starendal
1 min readOct 14, 2018

How to effectively facilitate the flow of value

Last week I visited the Conference in Washington and delivered my presentation about the role of the Release Train Engineer (RTE).

In the presentation I called out what I have observed to be 10 critical skills (actually nine..) that every RTE need to build and master:

  1. Practical empathy
  2. Courage to stay authentic
  3. Ability to narrate complex situations
  4. Establish and manage cadence and synchronization
  5. Apply systems thinking
  6. Understand the physics of flow and queuing theory
  7. Showmanship and large group facilitation
  8. Effective stakeholder management
  9. Ability to simplify things ..

Here is a video of the presentation at the 2018 Summit:

Here is a link to the presentation:

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