SAFe vs Dev Ops — Like oil and water or a match made in heaven?

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SAFe vs DevOps meetup in Copenhagen

At a recent meetup in Copenhagen I talked about the Scaling Agile Framework and DevOps and explored how these two things overlap and combine together with the audience.

The Copenhagen presentation was recorded and is available as a video here:

SAFe vs DevOps video

The slides from the presentation are available here:

SAFe vs DevOps presentation slides

This presentation builds on a talk I designed together with my good friend and DevOps expert Daniel Fröding for a meetup in Stockholm that we delivered together in 2018. He was not with me in Copenhagen, presenting this, but parts of the presentation are from his experiences and ideas.

To learn more about SAFe and DevOps, I suggest you attend on of my upcoming courses that you can find here:

Co-Founder Partner with We Are Movement and Swedens only SAFe Fellow (also SPCT)

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